Data backup is important for everyone. For the business organization, it is a must thing to ensure that all the business critical data should be backed up forever. Not only now, it is followed from when the first generation of digital computing was invented. Only the storage medium has been changing widely because of the change in technology.

The floppy disk was the most popular and used by many organizations for a long time. The main use of floppy disk is to transport from disk rather than used for data backup. The following are few storage mediums used for business and other commercial purposes:

1. Magnetic Tape Recording

2. Hard Drives

3. CDs and DVDs

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4. Portable Flash Devices

5. Backup in cloud

Magnetic Tape Recording:

Magnetic Tape was the traditional medium used for data collection like audio, videos and backup a data. Magnetic Tape Ribbon is coated with magnetic material. This method was used by many business organizations with cost effective solutions for backup.

Hard Drives:

A hard disk drive was introduced by IBM in 1956. This data storage device mainly used for storing and retrieving digital information. So every organization started using hard disk drive to replace tapes for the storage medium.

CDs and DVDs:

The main benefits of this storage medium is that an individual can use it for personal as well as business usage. After a few years, Blu-Ray Discs and HD-DVDs got popular because of increasing demand for storage capacity ranging up to 54GB instead less storage in CDs and DVDs.

Portable Flash Devices:

Portable Flash Devices like floppy disks and USB storage devices entered into the market with a huge success for a long period of time. The main benefits in this medium are that they are very compact and easy accessible. Many data transfer can be made with this easily. It replaced the CDs and DVDs with its size and high storage capacity up to 256GB.

Backup in cloud:

In today’s modern technologies, every one requires new backup methods for sophisticated technologies and fast-expanding data volumes. This is essential to prevent a data from disaster. In traditional technique, data backups are on an external hard drive. But it’s difficult to prevent the data being lost due to a  disaster. So online backup service is getting popular that saves the data on servers in the cloud.

Every business is moving to the cloud to get the benefits of cloud backup service and hence many cloud backup vendors are entering into the market. We have to find the best solution to backup your business critical data. Vembu offers Vembu OnlineBackup that backup your servers, applications, desktops and laptops are directly to the cloud to prevent from disaster. Also, It uses AES 256-bit encryption for safe and secure backup.

To get experience of a new modern safe and secure Vembu OnlineBackup, please give a try.

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Evolution of Data Backup
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