Vladan Seget is one of the most popular technical experts who writes about Vembu frequently and his latest article, “Efficient Backup Data Management using VembuHIVE file system” talks about Vembu’s in-house filesystem which can be conceived as a filesystem of filesystems. VembuHIVE manages the metadata smartly through its patent-pending technology, in a way that is agnostic to the file system of the backup, which is why we call VembuHIVE, a file system of file systems. This helps the backup application to instantly associate the data in VembuHIVE to any file system metadata, thereby allowing on-demand file or image restores in many possible file formats.

Vladan begins his article by stating that VembuHIVE exposes every incremental backup as a virtual full backup which means that restoration of a backup will not require a merging of all the changes to a previous full backup, but also that through Vembu Virtual Drive backup files get exposed as VHD, VHDX, VMDK-Flat and RAW image files – at the same time. There are several techniques available such as built-in compression, encryption, and deduplication, as well as auto error correction. Under de-duplication, the author explains about client-side deduplication and server-side deduplication and its various turn-ons and turn-offs. While the client-side deduplication saves network bandwidth, it increases the use of the CPU of the client’s machine. At the same time, the client-side only treats its own data. Compared to server-side where multiple sources of data can be deduplicated before getting stored at the storage layer. Then the author talks about error-correction where VembuHIVE maintains such parity information at the backup file or disk image-level, chunk- level, repository-level, and client or backup-level. Vladan concludes his article by stating about the features of physical server backup and commenting about the intuitiveness of UI.

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