In the current trend of business, every one’s requirement is to have an uninterrupted service of business i.e business continuity (BC). SMB’s & IT business can run their system with no issues, as usual with continuity. But a disaster may drop down the system’s offline and there is a high possibility of losing business data and it would push the business to critical level. After the disaster strikes, the question arises like 1. What damage has been caused to business? 2. How long it could recover and if there is an alternate way to run the business?

Simplify all these questions by disaster recovery (DR) planning; to secure the server’s and protect business data. Most of small and medium business expect establishing product/service continuity, but there is a possibility of losing business operations when disaster strikes. DR planning is scalable for ensuring the security of the business’s operations.

Back-to-Business with Less Downtime:

Best way to protect the business data is backing up the data and restore at any time and any where. Vembu VMBackup provides the replication process of backup data to your own datacenter or Vembu Cloud.

Nevertheless, people are ready to higher prices for their backup provided they get their desired output. Business continuity is critical for any business and an IT admin knows that they would literally do anything to get back to normalcy in case of interruption. With top vendors offering RTO(Recovery Time Objective)<15 minutes, the same has been set as industry benchmark. With innovation as a regular practice, Vembu helps you get back to business in much minimal time thereby decreasing your chances of revenue loss by a large scale. The sole focus of Vembu VMbackup is to provide protection to both virtual and physical environments; (i.e) Image backups for VMware, Hyper-V and Physical servers. The best part about Vembu VMBackup is that it allows users to easily switch between environments without much hassle.

We at Vembu do understand the business requirements who are in dire need of a product which are devoid of complexities, values urgency and is cost-effective and thus we have developed a solution which serves all the aforementioned purposes. VMBackup is Simple,Instant and Affordable.

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Note: This is a Republished Article. Blog originally published on January 28th, 2016

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Why Disaster Recovery Plan is important for Business Continuity?
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