Do you want a foolproof backup plan to protect your servers? Vembu BDR provides the most user-friendly and secure solution to backup your server environment.

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Highlights of Disk Image Backup with Vembu BDR:

Multiple Recovery Options – Mount backup as VHD and IMG files, instantly boot them within virtual machines (VM) without the need to restore the entire image and achieve any point-in-time granular recovery.

Synthetic Merge Technology – A sophisticated synthetic merge scheme with Auto-Merge feature delivers complete automated physical server backup management by consolidating the incremental versions to give you the latest merged VHD file for easy and instant restores.

Military Grade Security – Enjoy powerful 256 bit AES encryption and make sure your data is safe and secure from security threats.

Extensive application support – Automatically backup disk images of critical applications like MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Exchange etc in virtual machines.

Application Aware Backups – Reduce backup time and improve your RPOs through block-level, incremental-forever, application-aware backup in a consistent state with deep VSS integration.

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Configure Disk Image Backups with Vembu BDR
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