At IT Central Station, we spend our time reaching out to our community to learn what they really think about the enterprise technology solutions they use. Over the course of 2018, IT Central Station has seen that Vembu BDR Suite has grown in popularity, and is now a top-ranked disaster recovery software solution, according to the IT Central Station community.

As the leading site for enterprise technology user reviews, we are always on the hunt for user feedback that can help our growing community of tech professionals make future buying decisions for their companies. When we get Vembu BDR Suite reviews from their customers, we have the unique opportunity to hear authentic feedback and learn about real experiences from people who are all too happy to share their opinions.

As we read these customer reviews, we discovered that many Vembu BDR Suite users shared similar features that contributed to their positive experience with the software.

In this post, we will highlight three of these features in more detail, which we hope will help others looking for honest, unbiased tech reviews in their market research.
Automatic Virtual Machine Backup & Instant Restore Option

Many Vembu BDR Suite customers highlighted that the Automatic Virtual Machine Backup & Instant Restore Option are really valuable features:

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“The most important feature, in terms of the hypervisor, is the ability to restore a virtual machine in a matter of minutes. We can take the backup of a virtual machine and we can restore it to the actual Vembu Backup server as a temporary solution, in a matter of minutes. We can just spin up a VM in no time; different hardware, even different processors. It’s pretty dynamic in that sense.” – Stuart C., Director of IT

“The reason I use Vembu is to back up my virtual machines. You can back up virtual machines manually but Vembu does it automatically. I’d rather have it updated and backed up automatically, without my having to think about it, rather than for me to have to remember to do it every couple of weeks. This is just an automated way to do something that you should do, and that’s the reason why I have it. The previous process I had was to manually back it up, but now it’s automatic and I don’t have to worry about it.” – Senior Architect at ePlus Technology


One major theme that came up in Vembu BDR Suite’s user reviews is its stability:

“The system is very stable. It’s ideal for our day-to-day basis. I’ve been using Vembu ever since I started working here over five years. It’s a good product. We haven’t upgraded to the latest patch they’ve released, and the product still works fine. Overall, we think the actual system software works great.” – Nikolas F., Network Engineer

“Since we got it up and running it has been unattended. I got the schedule set up and I got the integration Service Packs sent out to all the servers, and I have not touched it since July. It’s pretty stable…Once you have all your servers in the Vembu BDR software, and they’re being monitored and backed up, it’s very stable. As I said, it has been three months and I’ve not even looked at it. I get those emails about a successful or a failed backup, and I’ve not even had a failed backup yet.” – Director of IT at a healthcare company

Reliable Technical Support

Another top-mentioned theme that came up in Vembu BDR Suite’s user reviews is their dependable technical support:

“They have a very good support team who are responsive. I like the way they handle their clients compared to big vendors on the market, like Veritas, formerly Symantec.
The two issues were fixed in a relatively short time. One was fixed within the same day, and the other one was fixed within a couple of days. These are the only two issues that we had for the whole year.” – Hasni G., Director of Technology

“Support is very good. When you call them or send out a support email, immediately someone responds. It’s really good. They come back with an answer immediately. There has never been a time where they said they wanted to do some research on it. The moment I send them an issue, the guys fix it immediately.” – Rajkumar N., IT Director at a marketing services firm

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