One of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing the backup solution is its RTO and RPO. They exactly define how efficient your backups can perform. Thus it’s very significant to choose the right backup solution with efficient backup performance. This blog will exactly throw light on various important factors that organizations should keep in mind when it comes choosing a backup solution for their VMware environment, as they have a great impact over the overall performance of backups during an unprecedented disaster. The important elements are listed below:

  • Changed Block Tracking
  • Compression & Deduplication with an in-house file system
  • LAN Free data transfer using SAN & Hot-Add
  • Seed Migration using OffsiteDR

Changed Blocked Tracking:

This CBT technology is a very important technology of VMware that keeps track of all blocks that are undergone changes in the VMDK file. It has been an inbuilt integration with VADP( vSphere APIs for Data Protection) from vSphere 4.x. As soon as a backup is being configured, the first initial full backup will be scheduled. On further backup schedules, it has to be noted that only the incremental backups will be copied and not the entire full backup itself. This turns out to be a huge plus as it does consume very little space on the storage repository and beefs up the production site’s performance on the storage repository.

Compression & Deduplication through an in-house file system:

All the metadata is managed efficiently with Vembu’s own in-house file system called the VembuHIVE. This turns out to be an advanced use case for large-scale backup and disaster recovery. It has an inbuilt version of control and error-correction over the backed up data. Data compression and duplication is very equally significant. When there are multiple copies of the same data, this feature of Vembu makes sure that only one single of that data stored thereby making efficient storage of the backed up data. Moreover, the data in its storage repository is not stored in the original size it was, rather they are compressed and stored thence enhancing the storage management even more.

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LAN Free data transfer using SAN & Hot-Add:

When SAN is connected to the vSphere infrastructure, the data transfer becomes very easy as the backup data bypasses the production network. What exactly happens is, when the backup infrastructure is integrated with SAN, the data is copied through the iSCSI fiber channel through the LAN free mode or even through NFS mode. Thus the load on LAN is brought down to a great extent. Data transfer in Vembu VMBackup for VMware through the Hot-Add mode happens by direct mounting of the VM snapshots.

Seed Migration using OffsiteDR:

Data transfer of the first initial full backup will consume a lot of time when it is transferred through LAN/WAN. Not only will it take a lot of time, the performance of the production network is adversely affected as well. Vembu OffsiteDR Seed Migration will throttle the bandwidth and will help you transfer the initial full backup through an external HDD or a high- density portable drive. Thus the time taken to transfer the initial full backup is reduced.

Seed Migration using OffsiteDR

Further, the additional incrementals can be transferred through LAN/WAN which will not consume more bandwidth or increase the overall network load.

You now would have had a broad overview of the key factors that drive the performance of backups in a VMware environment. Being a backup vendor that puts backup before everything, it definitely isn’t a surprise that Vembu fulfills all the major factors that can pump up the backup performance for your VMware environment not to mention the forever free edition. Apart from providing a backup solution in multiple environments like- on-site, off-site and on the cloud, all the products are at an affordable cost so much that it would benefit an organization which does not have a backup strategy in place too.

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