For many businesses, Microsoft Office 365 is quickly becoming the go-to productivity solution. Office 365 promises to be the SMBs alternate solution to Exchange and SharePoint servers. According to Microsoft, over 130 million active monthly business users depend on Office 365 for their business operations.

Advantages of Office 365

Implementing Office 365 can bring many benefits to your organization such as

  • Trouble-free maintenance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Easy integration with Microsoft services
  • Quick access to Exchange and SharePoint online
  • No additional server setup for mail storage
  • Highly secure

What is Office 365 backup?

Loss of Office 365 data can damage the productivity and reputation of your business. Microsoft does not provide native Office 365 backup. Further, data stored in the cloud does not mean your data is safe. Vembu BDR’s Backup for Office 365 provides a copy of your Office 365 data at an alternate location which can be recovered if your O365 data is accidentally or intentionally deleted.

Does Microsoft Office 365 backup your data?

The answer is No! Microsoft Office 365 is a flexible and highly efficient Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform. The primary goal of Microsoft is to handle the Office 365 network to ensure uptime for the customers. Microsoft office 365 has security, but it is still mistaken by companies for data backup.

It means data in the cloud still requires Backup!

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Why do you need to backup Office 365?

There is a common misconception that Microsoft can automatically back up Office 365 data, but as a part of a shared responsibility model, Microsoft only provides minimal data protection.

Microsoft protects its data centers, which are physically safe from software and other hardware failures, operating system errors, natural disasters, or power outages. Therefore, Microsoft Office 365 ensures the availability of the data, but it does not protect your data against data loss events such as internal or external security threats, accidental deletion, or compliance issues.

Even if Office 365 is hosted by Microsoft, maintaining control and protection of your office 365 business data is completely your responsibility.

We will look at a few vulnerabilities where you, as a user, need to protect your data.

Accidental Deletion

If you delete a user, whether or not you plan to, the deletion will be across the network, along with the deletion of their OneDrive data, mailboxes, etc. Native recycling bins and version histories used in Office 365 will only protect you from data loss in a restricted way. Having an Office 365 backup can help you recover the user data either into on-premise or into your O365 account.

Retention Policy Gaps

Microsoft Office 365 has minimal retention policies with recycle bin architecture to maintain data lost by unintentional or purposeful deletion.

See the diagram below for the retention times of each function:

Office 365 Backup

Although Microsoft allows the limited flexibility of business administrators to extend their recycle bin retention time, this feature takes up a lot of disk space at considerable extra cost, but access to such data is not made available to administrators or end-users and is not intended to help with the quick and simple point-in-time recovery of missing data.

Businesses wishing to make restoration from any point in time need an Office 365 Backup.

Internal Threats

Businesses face risks from inside, and they happen more often than you think. Organizations fall victim to threats by their very own employees deliberately and inadvertently. Access to files can be modified so easily, which cannot be monitored every time by the organizations. Microsoft has no way of knowing if a deletion of data was done accidentally, maliciously or intentionally.

External Threats

Malware and Viruses, such as ransomware, have seriously affected companies across the globe. The company’s reputation is not only at risk, but also the privacy and security of the internal employees and customers data. External threats can creep in via emails and attachments, so informing users on what to look for isn’t always enough.

Though Microsoft has high-security measures, it only has limited protection against malware attacks. This means that Microsoft Office 365 data is vulnerable to destruction or modification through a variety of malware.

Legal and Compliance Issues

Legal proceedings often require recovery emails, files or other types of data. Microsoft has developed highly secured measures, but again, they are not a reliable backup system that will keep the company out of legal trouble.

Compliance standards (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, and etc.) and concerns will escalate costs associated with any event involving data loss. With absent to timely access for data, companies are vulnerable to regulatory fines, legal penalties, and harm to company reputation.

Why choose Vembu Backup for Office 365 for your organization?

Vembu with its more than a decade experience in data protection offers a reliable and secure backup for your Office 365 Mailboxes, Calendars, Contacts, and OneDrive. Vembu provides advanced data protection for Office 365 through the secure On-premise and Cloud-to-Cloud backup solution. You can recover your emails, contacts, calendar, and OneDrive data instantly.

Key features of Vembu Backup for Microsoft Office 365

With Vembu office 365 backup you can

  • Backup your Mails, Contacts, Calendars, and OneDrive items
  • Recover data anywhere and anytime
  • Restore domain or user-level data
  • Store your data on-premise or in Vembu Cloud
  • Export into multiple formats like .pst, .eml, .vcf, .icf
  • Replicate your business-critical data to any cloud object storage
  • Retain your data for any number of days with flexible retentions
  • Retrieve your data with inbuilt search
  • Secure your data both in flight and storage with AES 256 bit encryption
  • Monitor your backup processes through reliable reports
  • Preview and restore their mails and mail attachments
  • Comply with legal requirements, policies, and regulations

How Vembu Backup for Office 365 works?

Vembu Backup for Microsoft Office 365 performs agentless, incremental, daily backups for your Office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars, and OneDrive items by leveraging Microsoft’s Graph API. By adding your O365 domain with Vembu Backup for Office 365, you can schedule automated daily backups for your Office 365 data.

With Vembu Office 365 data, you can add any number of O365 domains and schedule any number of backups. You can store backup data either on-premise or in Vembu Cloud. Vembu offers cross user retrieval where data can be restored to another user account.

Be an early adopter and avail discounts up to 50%!

Vembu Backup for Office 365 is in Beta. We’re looking forward to your feedback to improve the product. Try now and avail the early adopter discount of up to 50% that you can use with our production release.

In our production release, you can expect features like .PST export, adding multiple domains, folder-level restoration, and a lot more.

Meanwhile, you can expect the Office 365 production release by the end of April [ETA April 2020].

Learn in detail about Vembu Backup for Microsoft Office 365 here.
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Note: Since Vembu backup for office 365 backup is in beta, we recommend using it in a test environment.

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