Most of the business organization’s dilemma on Backup and Replication is to choose what’s right for their business to protect their critical data from getting lost.

Backup and Replication is necessary for avoiding downtime of your business in order to make sure that there is uninterrupted business service in spite of a disaster which is called Business Continuity.

If they are already backing up all the data, is Replication necessary is the common question from all organizations. Backup and Replication are two different things which we need to understand. Backup is the process of keeping alternative copies of all your necessary data. Replication is the redundant copy of data to a different location. Both are almost same but the difference is based on the scenarios of data loss.

The data loss falls into two different categories. The first is Natural Disaster and the second one is man-made error. For example, if geographical disaster occurs in your region office you might lose all your critical data. In order to keep Business Continuity going, you need a quick solution to get back to your business immediately. In this case, you need to restore your data from replicated storage to run things quickly. Natural Disaster are not a frequent thing to happen, but it does and might occur. In order to protect your data from above scenarios you need a Replication of your data.

Human made error is another category of data loss. For example, if user deletes the important data from their primary server, you can replicate the deletion from your secondary storage. Another example is that data may be affected by malware or data may get corrupted or system failure might result in data loss. So more than the natural disaster data loss, man made errors or datta corruption frequently occur. Keeping multiple copies is good, but fails to address recovery point objectives or RPOs but backup can be address it. For the above case, replication can’t provide the level of protection that is required for the part of the Disaster Recovery strategy. So both Backup and Replication are required for some events.

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