Data has become an integral part of any business be it a multi-billion dollar firm or a start-up which is about to get started. When it comes to customer data, businesses make sure that they do not lose it by any way since it is not only governed by strict compliant policies but also the very fact exists that losing customer data means leading to the downfall of the business.

As businesses are expanding in rapid pace, such is the need for the data. Hence we can observe that storage has evolved in manifolds in the recent times. With virtualization and cloud storage as the recent buzzwords, the concept of storage is getting accommodative to address the needs of growing data. Even a commoner will agree that storage is not enough to keep the data safe and to ensure the normal operations of a firm. Thus backup is very essential to keep the business running. What started as an option for a business’s functioning has become a need and it is imperative that businesses should have a backup plan which hardly fails at any point of time. Disaster Recovery is another concept which is given paramount importance in today’s competitive business trends. Be it a natural disaster, a power outage or a man-made suspicious activity to bring down the business, Disaster Recovery is important to keep the business up and ticking. Business continuance has become the mantra of each and every firm and executives make sure that they leave no stones unturned to achieve the same.

Every business is different from another and they have their own requirements. Companies are still adopting physical servers for their backup while most have moved completely into virtualization. Few Data Centers have both virtualized and physical storage as well along with diverse environments like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. In such cases, an IT admin has a major responsibility to find a right product for Backup & DR keeping in mind, the overhead costs associated with the same. What we hear from the IT admins in a recent survey conducted was that they use two or more products for their Backup & DR requirements in their Data Center. It is evident that there are huge costs involved in having such setup and IT admins face a major challenge managing multiple Backup & DR products in such scenario.

What happens to small businesses who cannot afford such expensive backup products? They use scripted backups for their company which may not be effective all the time and involves manual intervention. Every small & medium business wants to grow and in such cases, they need to have a Backup & DR mechanism to keep up their business continuity going but they are in a major toss as most of the backup vendors charge high for their products which are not affordable for the small businesses. It’s a catch-22 situation. Isn’t it?

Enters Vembu in the Data Backup & Disaster Recovery arena and IT admins have all the right reasons to choose Vembu for their Data Center. Why?. Let’s list out the reasons:

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Comprehensive: Comprehensive because Vembu BDR Suite v3.6.0 can be used as a solution for the complete data center. Be it virtualized environments like VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V or Windows IT environments or applications or file/folders or SaaS applications or cloud storage, Vembu has something for everyone.

Simple: Although, Backup & DR is considered to be sophisticated concept nowadays, Vembu BDR Suite is easy to install, deploy, use and report. With the latest release, Vembu BDR Suite v3.6.0, Backup, Replication, Disaster Recovery has become simpler than ever before and IT admins can leave their worries aside, when it comes to their data center.

Affordable: What makes Vembu distinct from the other backup service providers is not just providing the solutions at lower cost but rather empowering small & medium businesses who could not afford the costs of Backup & DR mechanism. In other words, Backup & DR is now a commodity product and we have observed that many businesses have started using Backup for their IT setup thus ensuring business continuity and data compliance. The interesting part is that Vembu offers enterprise-like features for small & medium businesses thus providing an edge to them in the market.

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Backup & DR becomes a commodity product, thanks to Vembu
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