Over a few years back, Virtual machine used to perform agent backup operation on a client system. Because, Virtualization was just growing and no one has questioned about that. With modern technology, there is a question that traditional agent backup or modern agentless backup – which is the right choice for the business.

Agent based backup and agentless backup are different things to different vendors. There is a strong argument for either side. I’m trying to highlight few basic points.

In traditional agent based backup, agent is installed on every virtual machine that connects to the network. So every virtual machine treats as if it is a physical server. The main benefit in this method is both physical and virtual machines are protected using the same method. But it requires higher CPU, network resource, memory and I/O. Some agent based architecture requires root/administrator password of the machine to be backed up. So managing hundreds or thousands of client machines is difficult in this type of architecture.

Agentless backup doesn’t require an agent to be installed on each virtual machine. So it is referred to as host based backup. Comparing to the traditional agent based backup it requires Less CPU, network resource, memory and I/O. Also, every backup server has predefined username and password to communicate with the client machine. So agentless architecture doesn’t require the management of agent software.

Agentless backup solutions have collective reputations when comparing to the older legacy backup agents. Vembu offers Agentless image-level VM backups with high availability.

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Vembu VMBackup implement agentless (host level) backup for data protection to transfer backup data using any available transport mode, such as SAN and SCSI HotAdd for vSphere including 6.0. Vembu VMBackup also leverages Microsoft APIs within a VM guest OS to create application-consistent backups using efficient, low overhead, Redirect on Write (RoW) snapshots. Application-consistent backups also enable automatic log truncation for applications such as Exchange and SQL server.

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Agent vs Agentless Virtual Machine Backup
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