Many of you may have already heard that Insight Partners, a New York-based private equity company, is acquiring Veeam in a transaction valued at about $5 billion and the deal would be closed in the first quarter of 2020.

What does this mean to the data protection market?

Veeam will continue to provide its usual services but will focus more on expanding into the enterprise market in the USA. The deal is also said to come with some major changes in the management team and also the headquarters.

With Veeam and the other major players in the backup and disaster recovery market keen on their large enterprise customers, there has been a void being created in the Small & Medium business market for quite some time now.

Small and Medium businesses have always had to come up with the right data protection strategies which not only should ensure the protection of their data but also should be well aligned within their IT budget.

It is a challenge for data protection companies focused on large enterprise customers to provide minimal or low-cost backup solutions for small business customers.

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Vembu’s plan for Small & Mid-level Businesses:

Vembu, true to its tagline, “No more backup complexities”, has always strived to make data protection affordable for small and medium businesses.

Our flagship product, Vembu BDR Suite, is an all-inclusive package for data protection designed to protect any legacy or modern data centers having virtual (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V), physical (Windows, Linux) and cloud (AWS, Azure) workloads. Also, keeping with the market trends and customer demands, Vembu recently announced the release of beta versions of Vembu Office 365 backup, G Suite backup, and AWS backup.

Here’s how we make data protection simpler and more affordable for every business out there.

With Vembu BDR Suite – Free Edition, users can now backup Unlimited VMs – full-featured for up to 10 VMs and limited features for the rest of the VMs. Users can also backup unlimited number of Physical Windows Servers, Windows & Mac Workstations.

Vembu BDR Suite – Standard & Essential Editions are for the users who want the advanced features that are not available in Free Edition but feel the enterprise edition is beyond their budget.

Our Vembu BDR Essentials continues to have significant reception from small businesses with very tight budgets. If you are wondering what the package offers, here it is:

The low-cost Vembu BDR Essentials package is curated specifically to backup virtual environments – both VMware and Hyper-V up to 10 CPU sockets or 100 VMs. The main purpose of the Essentials package is to accommodate the budget constraints of small and medium businesses without compromising on the necessary features. This package is available both for Standard and Enterprise Editions of Vembu BDR Suite.

We take immense pride in developing and delivering features that suit customers’ needs without pricking their budget. With Vembu BDR Suite you truly have no more backup complexities.

Here’s what users who preferred Vembu over other market players have to say.

We have been migrating clients from VEEAM to Vembu at a steady rate. Vembu has a consistent and affordable price point versus the ridiculous scaling costs of other solutions on the market.
– Tom.C, Owner, Small business
We evaluated Veeam but we selected Vembu because the feature set was what we needed. Our costs are about a quarter of what they would have been with Veeam.
– Tim Kemp, IT Director at Premier Technical Services Group PLC.
I would definitely take a look at Vembu as opposed to something like Veeam. It’s a great alternative that has me sold.
– Stuart.C, Mid-Market.

With “Affordability for all types of businesses” packed with Enterprise-level features as an objective, Vembu is now pleased to say that “When it comes to SMBs we are the best alternative to the other highly expensive backup & recovery vendors in the market”.

Download the full-featured 30-day free trial of our latest version Vembu BDR Suite v4.1.0 and experience modern data protection for your environment.

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