For an IT admin, who has plans to implement Backup & DR in their production environment, the choices are aplenty. There are hundreds of backup vendors in the market who claim to provide affordable pricing to SMBs. Now, affordability has a different meaning for different people and it can be said that SMB do not look out for product which is only lesser-priced but also for a solution which is relatively easy to use and implement as per the infrastructure of their businesses. Smaller businesses also understand the risks of losing data more than ever as it is reported that 60% of businesses who lost data for some reasons have shut down within 6 months of the unprecedented event.

Let’s talk about the virtualization part now as the same has took over the storage field for a very long time. While VMware has the largest market share in terms of virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V is not very far behind. When it comes to Backup & Disaster Recovery for virtual environments, there are lot of vendors who provide solutions for small and medium businesses. However there is a huge gap between what SMBs need and what the backup vendors offer. Ideally, top backup vendors have basic packages for small businesses which have limited features with less pricing. When it comes to scalability, such solutions might not help small businesses and when it comes to lower priced backup solutions, a small business might not get what they are looking for.

To overcome this catch-22 situation of small businesses, Vembu with more than decade of experience serving SMBs came up with flagship offering, Vembu BDR Suite which bridges the gap between the requirements of a SMB and a backup solution with a scalable, comprehensive and affordable solution. What we understand that there are lots of small businesses who are skeptical about having a backup solution because of budget constraints. For such businesses with up to 6 CPU-Sockets, Vembu has decided to slash price of Vembu VMBackup upto 50%. This will empower businesses to use a full-featured Vembu VMBackup at extremely low price and ensure business continuity for their businesses. Simple Installation & Configuration, Enhanced UX, Faster Backups, Multiple Recovery Options, In-house File System for efficient storage management makes Vembu VMBackup, a solution which will enable small businesses to completely forget about data loss.


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50% Discount on Vembu VMBackup for Small Businesses up to 6 CPU-Sockets
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