We humans generally have an attitude of questioning certain things before we do or consider something. I have seen certain people who question each and everything and there are people who don’t question much until unless there raises a situation.

The quality of question matters instead of the number of questions you ask. This actually fits into all the situations humans face in their lifetime; Considering the statement above, it is important for all IT admins, SMBs and MSPs to ask questions based on their actual needs.

I am writing this blog for all the techies and professionals out there to choose the best backup and disaster recovery solution with just five important questions.

There are many vendors who provide Backup and Disaster Recovery in the market but, If any one of the solution, out in the market satisfies all these 5 questions mentioned below then that will actually be the best solution that you can rely on.

Q1. The quantity and type of data you need to back up?

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Determining the quantity and the kind of data you need to back up can help you to narrow down your focus. The data can be of any format, it could be a File/Folder, Application or an image of an entire machine. The data size can be in GBs, TBs or even PB. When performing backups, make sure that the available bandwidth is sufficient to process without any bottlenecks.

Q2. What actually your business needs to back up now and in the near future?

A business can’t remain static for long, and that includes yours also. Therefore, whatever solution that you have planned to choose, make sure that can also serve your future needs. Never choose a backup solution that serves your backup needs only for now and not on the long run. The better way to start would be listing the type of data, programs, and operating systems that you would need to back-up for now and then another list detailing those that have its possibility in the near future.

Q3. What types of recovery you would need?

The main reason that we opt for a backup solution is that we can archive the data and also restore it whenever it is necessary. Thus, the recovery or restore plays an important role to save your business; so it is better to opt for a backup solution that provides multiple recovery options. The reason that I stress on multiple recovery options is that you can have your data restored in any environment and if needed only the required data can be restored through granular recovery which can actually save your time and resources.

Q4. What kind of support do you need and at what frequency?

Support can be of any form. You have good old fashioned technical support, support for backing up applications, support of backing up operating systems, internal and external audit assistance, and assistance with Disaster Recovery, etc…; Pick out what you would need for your resources so you would be able to know what to ask and compare while talking with backup vendors.

Q5. Are you comfortable with the pricing?

The most important bottom line. Of course, the answer to this question is more complicated than anyone can assume.

You can’t suitably fix on a backup solution for your environment until unless it falls under your budget. As far as pricing is concerned many organizations only consider the quality of the product; so they sacrifice on pricing. Also, If the pricing is cheap then the quality of the product is questioned? thus the pricing part is a bit complicated one.

It is not that simple to find a solution that could satisfy all your needs, its only that you should have a good understanding of your needs as per your environment and a proper evaluation process of the selected solutions. Here, I mentioned some as selected solutions, that is because you can’t directly find one best solution at one stop, you will find two or more solutions and from that, you will choose one to be the best which suits your environment and that is how you find the best solution.

There are some backup solutions that satisfy all the above-mentioned needs, One such Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is Vembu BDR Suite; having survived in the data protection market for more than one and a half decade.

Vembu BDR Suite is a complete package that inculcates the features that help you to backup both virtual and physical environments. You can have the primary copy of your backup data in onsite on storage devices like local disks, NAS & SAN. Further, you get options to have the secondary copy at the offsite which can be either a cloud data center or a separate physical datacenter at a different location. Further, Vembu offers multiple recovery options that could actually save your business at times of criticality with industry’s best RTO of 15mins.

Vembu offers 24×7 support to all, where the level of gratitude they show to their customers are comparatively high that actually made them earn good customers’ reviews and satisfaction throughout their travel.

The price of the solution is the deciding factor that actually makes the end-users feel satisfied and complete. They offer an affordable pricing rage, that will actually satisfy you. Vembu offers multiple editions such as – Free, Standard, Enterprise. You can get to know the functionalities of each edition with the 30 days free trial and can choose the best that fits your environment.

Vembu also announced a new package – Vembu BDR Essentials, for businesses having less than 6 CPU sockets or 50 VMs, and is priced half of Vembu BDR Suite actual costs.

Vembu offers many other features other than what I have mentioned above.

You can see for yourself how Vembu BDR Suite surprises you by downloading the Free Trial Version of the Software for 30 days!

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5 questions to ask before choosing a Backup & DR software
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